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San Francisco, CA
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New and good condition items only
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Items that are donated will be used in our office or sold to raise money to improve our bookseller training programs or to support our annual "Everyone Can Dance" event.
We need used books, larger envelopes, 4x4 Zebra labels, and markers postage for our nonprofit online bookstore. We also can use 2 more laptops and multiple routers (to grow program to other cities).
About Us: 
DisabledCommunity.Org started as an information referral clearinghouse on disabilities and has grown to include training participants in business skills and etiquette for individuals with disabilities who are currently unable to participate in the workforce. DisabledCommunity.Org also holds an annual fundraiser called "Everyone Can Dance". Learn more by going by going to our website.
Our Mission: 
Improving the quality of live for people with disabilities.

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